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Friday Snippets

Would you believe the year is half-over already? Yeah. As we stand on the cusp of July, the first half of the year is behind us. Is it going by fast for you, too? It certainly has for me. Personally, I'm ready for autumn, because it's my favorite time of year. Plus, I want to make pumpkin pie, and if I tried to serve that now, people would be all, "... no." Ah well. Since I can't munch on pumpkin pie, I can still munch on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New 15mm BMP-1P from Khurasan, New releases from Terrible Kids Stuff - July 2017, Legionary Saber Jetbike Available From Kromlech, Hand of Glory Miniatures Coming to Kickstarter Next Month, Brigade Models Release 6mm Neo-Soviet Tanks, and Cold War Miniatures Launches Hawkmen Kickstarter.

New 15mm BMP-1P from Khurasan

We are very pleased to release our latest 15mm Soviet/Russian vehicle of the Cold War to Modern period, the BMP-1P. After its trial by fire in the Yom Kippur War, the BMP-1 was found to have room for improvement, and one key issue was the mounting of the ATGM launcher above the main cannon. This was remedied on the BMP-1P, which has a pintle mounted ATGM launching tube. Thousands of these remain in service around the world today.

The it is available now.

New releases from Terrible Kids Stuff - July 2017

July 2017 releases are out! We are happy to introduce two new miniatures: Zhou-Kha-Tha in 75mm scale, illustrated by Roberto Cirillo and sculpted by Lukasz Krysa from Quantum Babe’s range. Next, Cleric in 32mm scale for the Nether Kingdom’s range, illustrated by Danny Cruz and sculpted by Christian Hardy. Both casted in high quality resin by GRX Créations.

Both copies are available only in 100 pieces limited edition, run for your TKS!!!

The discount code SUMMERISHERE (10%) is valid only for today’s releases and is active from now to the 9th of July 2017!

Legionary Saber Jetbike Available From Kromlech

we have a new release today :)
It's fast and it's deadly !
Legionary Saber Jetbike
This set contains one high quality resin multi part model of Legionary Saber Jetbike. Inside you will find a selection of weapon systems to choose from: twin thunder gun, heavy thunder gun, magma cannon, plasma cannon and heavy heat-ray. One 60mm round resin base and two Kromlech flying pegs included.

Hand of Glory Miniatures Coming to Kickstarter Next Month

Hand of Glory is a new type of gaming miniature with a very cool twist: each Hand of Glory figure and accessory is magnetized using tiny rare-earth magnets. This means for the first time, you will be able to change your character on the fly.

Since everything in the Hand of Glory line is magnetized, your character can swap out weapons and items to use whatever your adventure calls for. There are swords, axes, shields, warhammers, magical items, potions, crossbows, torches, and even a dragon familiar! There are over 100 unique items, and all of them can be used by ANY of the figures.

Perhaps the most exciting part is Hand of Glory is made to be universally modular, which means that ALL current and future weapons and items will work with ALL current and future figures, and that will ALWAYS be the case!

HoG will launch on Kickstarter on July 11th.

Brigade Models Release 6mm Neo-Soviet Tanks

Back in March we released two new Neo-Soviet tanks in 15mm, and followed this up at Salute with the Terminator assault tank. These models have now successfully made the transition down to 6mm and are available on the website today.

All three models - the Bars MBT and Vombat/Terminator assault tanks - are available individually priced at £1.25 (the Vombat replaces the older version of this model). There is also a company pack available for each – the Vombat and Terminator are in packs of eight with 32 infantry and a Lisa command vehicle, while the Bars company has 12 tanks plus command vehicle.

SF300-1211 – Vombat Assault Tank – £1.25
SF300-1211a – Terminator Assault Tank – £1.25
SF300-1213 – Bars MBT – £1.25

IC-1215 – Neo-Soviet Urban Assault Company – £12.75
IC-1218 – Neo-Soviet Guards Tank Company – £14.25
IC-1219 – Neo-Soviet Terminator Assault Company – £12.75

Cold War Miniatures Launches Hawkmen Kickstarter

"Found in a rusty old film can in an alternative timeline, a forgotten serial from the early days of movies."

A new range of Sci-Fi minis from Cold War Miniatures inspired by the early classics but with a modern twist.

First in the range are the Heroic Hawkmen now launched on Kickstarter.