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Friday Snippets

It's here, ladies and gentlemen. Friday. Gateway to the weekend. The work week is almost over and we just need to push through these last few hours and we'll be free. Hopefully you've got some plans put together. Mine have solidified, with some chill card gaming tonight with a friend while we make sliders and eat gourmet popcorn (as you do). Then, tomorrow, it's helping a friend move some stuff with gaming afterward (hopefully Guild Ball, but we'll see). But if we're going to make it there, we should fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Acheson releases 28mm Pewter Grizzly Bear, Brigade Models Releases New 6mm Humans and Aliens, and The Army Painter Updating and Rereleasing Battlefield Tufts Line.

Acheson releases 28mm Pewter Grizzly Bear

Acheson...North America it's your turn...the Grizzly Bear has arrived ...enjoy the Painted Images Provided by Evil
Bob's Painting Service and Excellent Sculpts by Richard Deasey

These come in 28mm scale – unpainted - at $10USD

Brigade Models Releases New 6mm Humans and Aliens

New on the website today are three new packs of 6mm figures.

Martin Baker has scaled down our 15mm Yenpalo Lizard riders to 6mm and given our aliens a unit capable of scouting in rough terrain or providing a shock force guaranteed to give any human infantry a bad day.

We also have two more new Human 6mm packs – our South African forces now get their own dedicated infantry figures wearing bush hats, and also a pack of mounted infantry on horseback for patrolling the veldt.

These new figures also filter through to several existing army packs – the SAC infantry will replace the generic figures in all relevant South African army and company packs, while a new Yenpalo Combat Group will replace the existing pack with the addition of 12 Lizard Riders.

SF300-670 – SAC Infantry in Bush Hats (x24) – £2.75
SF300-675 – SAC Mounted Infantry (x12) – £2.75
SF300-1173 – Yenpalo Lizard Riders (x12) – £4.00
IC-1102 – Yenpalo Combat Group – £14.50

The Army Painter Updating and Rereleasing Battlefield Tufts Line

Meadow Flowers is back, after having been off the shelves for while. Now we have remade the product to the high standard you expect from The Army Painters range of tufts.

In stores Aug. 2017
Lovely idyllic flowery meadows...

Don't let your guard down though! Vile horrible monsters might hide here, delivering death and destruction onto any innocent flower picker!

Meadow Flowers gives you 77 tufts in three sizes for endless variations.

This is probably some of the most realistic basing material in the Wargames industry. Ideal for any themed army be they elves, beasts or men. Added between ruins or on a swamp themed base, it does not matter: Meadow Flowers will give your miniatures, whatever genre, a completely unique and realistic look.