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Friday Snippets

This has been quite a week. Deadlines. The website acting up. Just lots going on. I'm very much ready for the weekend. Tomorrow I'm headed up to the LGS to pick up a Guild Ball figure they got in for me, as well as hopefully playing a game of the aforementioned game, plus just hanging out. With any luck, you've got somewhat-similar plans. Either way, we need to make sure we're well-stocked on gaming stories. So...

Today on the platter we have: SnapDice Magnetic Dice Tray Up On Kickstarter, New Armageddon Master Set of Tokens Available From Pyrkol, 15mm Skirmish Supplies Opens for Business, Alien Invasion Minis Up On Kickstarter, and The Android Collective Miniatures Up On Kickstarter.

SnapDice Magnetic Dice Tray Up On Kickstarter

The first thing you'll notice when you roll a pair of SnapDice in our tray is the satisfying "SNAP" sound of the steel dice tumbling across the exotic hardwood surface and snapping into place over the magnets. This is unlike any dice tray you've ever tried. It is an experience you don't want to miss.

New Armageddon Master Set of Tokens Available From Pyrkol

Our newest release Is a complete set of counters and specialist tools to help you thrive in the World of Armageddon.
All the items were designed and playtested in detail for the best possible user experience.
They are perfectly scaled for tight terrain situations, color coded and engineered for the best in game performance.

In this set you can find Run, Hidden and Broken Status Counters, as well as the also useful Wound, Ammo and Clip Harness Counters, we also added as specialized tools the 25mm, 32mm and 40mm 90° Overwatch Markers to clearly define the firing lanes and also our Ladder Stands designed for compatibility with a wide range of 28mm ladders.

15mm Skirmish Supplies Opens for Business

I am glad to say that 15mm Skirmish Supplies is now open for business.

As the shop name suggests, the service is tailored for Skirmish level gaming, so I've aimed at providing a modular set of figure options, with differing figure types and poses. No more buying a pack of 10 archers when you only need 2. No duplicate characters in your warband. More fun on your table and cash in your pocket.

Alien Invasion Minis Up On Kickstarter

These little grey aliens come to kickstarter to see if there might be room for them on your painting desk, your game board or maybe your shelves, and if there could even be some room for more of their friends!

The miniatures have been hand sculpted in epoxy putty (green stuff) and are cast in metal (the painted and inked models you see in the campaign are master castings).

The goal is very low for this kind of project, the miniatures were sculpted and master moulded some time ago and I was not sure what the demand for them would be. Kickstarter is certainly the place to find out, and this amount will be enough to pay for a production mould and enough castings for the initial backers.

If the initial goal is reached, I will add more aliens as stretch goals, as there are more ideas for them I'd like to explore. However the stretch goals would need to be higher to fund the sculpting, along with the extra moulding and casting.

The Android Collective Miniatures Up On Kickstarter

The Android Collective is now live and funded on Kickstarter.
Fancy some robotic friends to use in your RPG's and tabletop games?
Look no further. At 32mm to the top of their massive heads, they should fit it many different genres and settings.
Just click on the link for a closer look.