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Friday Snippets

Man, what a weird week. Sunday was the last day of Expo. Monday was spent partially at the repair shop for my car, and then finding out my bathtub was leaking. The rest of the week has been working from home, waiting for repairmen, dealing with paint and fiberglass fumes, and now I'm taking some time between stories to do some deep cleaning around this place. I'm more-than-ready for the next weekend. To make sure I have enough energy to get there, let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Brigade Models Releases New 15mm Terminator and Squadron Commander Fighters, Acheson Creations Release Indian Rhino, New Blood Drops Wound Markers Available From Kromlech, Z-Man Games Updates Components for Ricochet Robots, Victoria Miniatures Resin BFG Sledgehammer Crew and female Officer Now Shipping, and Brigade Models Release New EuroFed Spaceships.

Brigade Models Releases New 15mm Terminator and Squadron Commander Fighters

Two significant new items have appeared on the website in the last week. The first is our 15mm Terminator Assault Tank which went down very well at Salute, outselling all of the other new releases. This is a new multi-part metal turret on the hull of the previously-released Vombat tank, armed to to teeth with twin tri-barrel gatlings and four missile tubes. In response to several requests on our Facebook page, the turret is also available as a separate item.

SF15-1211a - Vombat Terminator - £9.00
SF15-1211t - Terminator Turret - £3.00

The other new releases are our first new Squadron Commander fighters for some time. There four new models, two British and two Neo-Soviet. They're available singly or in flights of four, and we've also created a new starter pack containing four of each model plus dice. As well as being usable in starfighter games, the models are also perfect for air support duties with our 6mm range since they're the same scale.

SCR-004 – British-Neo-Soviet Starter Pack – £30.00
SCR-101 – Kestrel Interceptor – £2.50
SCR-102 – Mosquito Fighter/Bomber – £3.00
SCP-101 – Kestrel Flight – £9.00
SCP-102 – Mosquito Flight – £11.00
SCR-1201 – Sokol Interceptor – £2.50
SCR-1202 – Grif Heavy Attack Fighter – £3.00
SCP-1201 – Sokol Flight- £9.00
SCP-1202 – Grif Flight – £11.00

Acheson Creations Release Indian Rhino

Acheson Creations has released our next batch of Primaeval Designs pewter products, an Indian Rhino cast in 28mm priced at $10USD (unpainted and unmounted).

New Blood Drops Wound Markers Available From Kromlech

Hi, today we have some new gaming goodies for you :)

Blood Drops Wound Markers
Blood Drops Wound Markers

Each set contains a plate with Blood Drops Wound Markers made from fluorescent acrylic. There are 16 ones, 8 threes, 8 fives and 8 tens on a plate. Each Blood Drop needs to be push out from the plate to use for your game.

Z-Man Games Updates Components for Ricochet Robots

Guiding robots to their destination by bouncing them off walls and past obstacles just got an upgrade. That's right: the latest printing of Alex Randolph’s Ricochet Robots makes several improvements to the components. The game retains the same addictive gameplay, now with higher quality components that enhance the experience for veteran and new players alike.
With the most recent printing of Ricochet Robots from Z-Man Games, players can plot the robots’ trajectories across every board released for the game thus far. These eight two-sided boards can be combined for over 1,500 board configurations, providing unique challenges for every game. To increase their durability, the boards in the most recent printing are thicker than before. This update makes each board more sturdy and better able to withstand wear-and-tear.

Victoria Miniatures Resin BFG Sledgehammer Crew and female Officer Now Shipping

As I write this, Reaper Miniatures have begun shipping the BFG Sledgehammer to the Bones III Kickstarter backers.
That means I can begin releasing the resin accessories. During the kickstarter I had many enquirers about the availability of the crew and officer as separate resin miniatures.
As promised here they are, The BFG Crew and The BFG Female Officer These miniatures come in the Sledgehammer box as plastic "Bones" figures. This resin edition is for all the resin lovers out there and people who just want some cool crew for their artillery
Cheers, V

Brigade Models Release New EuroFed Spaceships

Today sees the website release of the new European Federation spaceship models, replacing the old versions. There are seven all-new digitally-sculpted ships along with two fighter types. Most of the models retain a similar outline to their predecessors, but are much changed in detail. The two largest vessels, the Milano and Umberto, have resin hulls while the rest are metal castings.

The remainder of the ships will be replaced with new versions in one or two further waves later this year, when we also hope to add one or two new classes as well. The other two fleet packs (401 and 403) will return when we have the ships to fill them again.

As if thatwasn't enough, the Kerberos has also been made available again. This model is a one-piece resin spacestation. In its basic form it is unarmed, but there are plenty of places to position turrets from one of our accessory packs (such as the new EuroFed triple turrets) should you wish to give it a defence capability.

SFSP-402 – EuroFed Fleet Pack #2 – £22.00
SFS-401 – Milano Dreadnought – £7.00
SFS-414 – Umberto Battle Carrier – £7.00
SFS-421 – Tigre Cruiser – £2.25
SFS-423 – Abruzzi Heavy Cruiser – £3.00
SFS-430 – Surcouf Destroyer – £1.50
SFS-431 – Insidioso Destroyer – £1.50
SFS-440 – Le Malin Escort Frigate – £1.00
SFS-461 – Météore Attack Fighter (x12) – £1.50
SFS-464 – Folgore Fighter (x12) – £1.50
SFS-7053 – EuroFed Gun Turrets (x12) – £1.50
SFS-6003 – Kerberos Space Station – £12.00