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Friday Snippets

Well, it's Friday again. Woo!
I hope your week went by as quickly as mine did. Being busy after a long weekend will do that. And this weekend looks to be really busy as well. Lots of projects just showed up at the door that I will be dealing with on Sunday as well as into next week. Considering what I'm working on, that's very much not a complaint. But if I'm going to be doing all of that, I need to be well-fed. So I'm gonna nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories, and you should, too.

Today on the platter we have: New Promo Releases From NonsenseMiniatures, Ouroboros Miniatures Fey Kickstarter is live, Archmage Origins Coming To Kickstarter, Greebo Games Limited Edition Easter Minis Up On Kickstarter, New Chickens and Rooster Set Available From Tabletop-Art, New Preview for Circle of Blood by Last Bullet Games, and New Release Available From Hitech Miniatures.

New Promo Releases From NonsenseMiniatures

We have a promo pack to celebrate that we have ready for shippment one of our favorite polices.

The pack consist of 7 miniatures 28mm high, ready to use with ''Doorkickers beta 1.0", and in few days ready the 1.1, with new profiles and some rules modifications.

Ouroboros Miniatures Fey Kickstarter is live (possibly NSFW minis through link)

Once again this Kickstarter is relatively small and simple. It consists out of three previously unreleased sculpts. The Moon Man, the Succubus and Hog! Joining them in the form of add-ons are Hypno and the Celestial.

To make things run smooth once again this Kickstarter is short and simple. Just these three (five if you include the add-ons) and that's it. It ensures us that we can deliver on time, or like our last campaign... early!

We have some nice stretch goals in the form of a more in depth painting journal by professional miniatures painter May Aguilar Andreu of MayArt. Including a nice little interview. But more on that later!

So, the miniatures in question! You might notice the white gum like stuff between some joints of the miniatures. This is because they were stuck together with patafix so we could take the photos. They will line up perfectly on the castings!

Archmage Origins Coming To Kickstarter

Players take turns manipulating the field of monsters and focusing their mystical power to “enlist” monsters to form the strongest force possible.

The goal is to control the strongest force of monsters from the Realm, which is made up of cards indicating the monster that occupies that space and its power level.

Players take turns peeking at the cards to determine where the most powerful monsters are hiding, deviously moving the monsters around, and strategically placing their Mage Cards around the borders of the Realm. Once all the Mage Cards are in place, players compare the power value of the magical energies that intersects at each monster. The player with the higher total mystical power value gains control of that monster (usually). The player who collects the most powerful force of monsters wins.

Greebo Games Limited Edition Easter Minis Up On Kickstarter

Note: All models during this campaign are limited in number and only to this campaign. You will not find in any future Crowdfunding project. Models inside are very rare, limited to 500 pieces each one. Also at the end of the campaign they will not be available on sale and no late pledge will be allowed. In future they may be sold again only in rare and particular event, for example they can be again available to the sell for 3 days in the next Easter 2018. In any case after all 500 pieces will be sold, they will go out of production.

New Chickens and Rooster Set Available From Tabletop-Art

Set 1 includes one rooster and six standing or pecking chickens. Set 2 includes one rooster and eight predominantly sitting chickens. Scale is 28-30mm.

New Preview for Circle of Blood by Last Bullet Games

Please find the 3d concept for Leon, one of the members of the Bloody Brigade. Leon is a hero in the game, Circle of Blood.

Leon was born to a well-to-do Gormalese family who looked with enthrallment at his birth after receiving his egg as a present. As the main attraction in the house, his happiest days were his younger years as he was coddled, well-fed, nurtured and loved. However, being confined in a cage did not bode well for Leon as he grew to understand that his life was just a trap and cage. Eventually being locked away in his master’s study, he grew aware of the business dealings and darker secrets the more wealthy patrons of the city kept.

One day, Irsine, the housemaid came to clean his cage. She took it upon herself to care for the sauron and brought him gifts of food, told him stories of the outside world and presented him with books, tales of heroic adventure, and riddles. The time the two spent together eventually turned Leon’s fondness to love.

Although Irsine cared for Leon, she did not love him and tenderly refuted his advances. The master of the house, at the moment of Leon’s confession, burst into the room and caught Irsine with Leon. Her punishment was severe. The crack of the whip brought a demon out in Leon and something sinister leaked into his heart. The next day, Leon’s master found the broken cage and the sauron was missing… Looking through the empty cage, Leon, a master of disguise, erupted from his hiding place and jumped upon his former master. Using all of his rage, Leon strangled the man, stole his clothes, and took up the identify of his former master.

Using the power of his new identity and taking advantage of the secrets he knew and learned over the years, Leon has stepped to a higher social position in the city of Gormalak. His peers know of those secrets so do Leon’s bidding. He runs his new family in his master’s old clothes while keeping a close watch on the dark dealings of the Gormalese nobles.

Kickstarter June 2017.

Please let us know what you think! Soon we will have models to show off!

New Release Available From Hitech Miniatures

Hello. New miniature/model available from us . Hope You like. Check it out !