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Friday Snippets

Friday is once again upon us. Gateway to the weekend. So many possibilities. I'm as busy as a one-armed paper hanger. Making all sorts of things in prep for tomorrow's MST3K binge party. I hate to go to a gathering empty-handed, so I'm making brownies, cookies, and prepping stuff so I can make nachos and Swedish meatballs while there. Like I said, hate to be empty-handed. But while I'm making those bite-sized treats, let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Two New Tank Turrets Available From Ramshackle Games, Tor Gaming Announces Their Affiliate Program, Circle of Blood from Last Bullet Games Coming To Kickstarter, Path of Light and Shadow Coming To Kickstarter, Final Days for Wreck Age Kickstarter, and Fluff Preview Posted For The Drowned Earth.

Two New Tank Turrets Available From Ramshackle Games

Ramshackle Games have added two new turrets to our web store. They are both made from resin. Both new turrets are priced at £8 and as with all Ramshackle Games products come with free world wide shipping.

Tor Gaming Announces Their Affiliate Program

Do you have a blog, YouTube channel or some other way you post content about the wargaming hobby?
If so, you can earn credit to spend on the Tor Gaming store through the use of our Affiliate Program coupled with Relics related content you produce.
And to top it all off, we will even help you get more views by sharing your content on through social media streams and our newsletter. Of course, you need to make sure we know about it for us to do that!
So drop us an email when you post up new content and we will get it shared for you. We're also more than happy to share your Relics content even if you aren't using the affiliate

Captain Redbeard's Pirate Dwarves Now on Kickstarter

It's a short campaign, finishing on Easter Monday, already funded and with the first stretch-goal unlocked.

There are just two pledge levels – one for the crew, and one for the crew plus a warband of ten Dwarves from our previous successful campaign.

Circle of Blood from Last Bullet Games Coming To Kickstarter

Last Bullet Studios, makers of Circle of Blood, an RPG-light skirmish miniature game, is proud to announce that their first Kickstarter is planned for June 2017. The goal is to translate the rules from Spanish to English and produce six hero miniatures and nine gnolls (monsters), various accessories, and more, for a starter set that introduces players to dangers Gormalak, a once proud city now filled with brigands, thieves, and beset by dark and dangerous creatures found in the catacombs below the city. Dare you join other brave adventures on the quest to defend the city of Gormalak and defend her from the creatures below or the ruffians above. Join in the adventure and find glory and fame!

Path of Light and Shadow Coming To Kickstarter

Our biggest, most strategic game ever is coming to kickstarter in early May, and we would like to start sharing an inside view of the two year development process, the inspiration behind the game and how this massive game works. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be posting a series of informational posts letting you see inside this game and we hope that you subscribe to the game's BGG page to learn more as we get closer to release. We will also be showing off the fantastic art work that Beth Sobel created to bring this rich world to life!

First Lust Elf Heroes Available From Raging Heroes (NSFW Minis Through Link)

Raging Heroes has released the first Lust Elves heroines in their webshop:

Lady Melith, Lust Elves Courtesan
Liligrith, Exsanguinatrix
Shaliah, Death Dancer Soloist
Vanvyssah, Lust Elves General

Be among the firsts to have the glorious Lust Elves on your gaming table!

And by popular request, Free Shipping is extended, on the entire shop, but that can stop at any time, so don't wait.

Final Days for Wreck Age Kickstarter

Hello everyone,

Thanks to your support we have FUNDED and are now hitting stretch goals! I would like to personally thank all of you for your continued support. For a fledgling company Kickstarter is a great tool to grow and make some fun projects a reality. Please share this project with a friend or game group that may be interested if you can before it's too late to pledge.

Fluff Preview Posted For The Drowned Earth

The Drowned Earth: A look at the Fluff!

By now many of you will have seen the skirmish game everyone seems to be talking about: The Drowned Earth, but we thought we'd take a closer look at the game, the mechanics, and the overall flavour.

First off, the obvious: The Drowned Earth is set in an Alternate Sci Fi world, and specifically on the continent of Ulaya, a tropical land of swamp, rainforest, lagoon and island.

All over Ulaya are the ruins of a once mighty, and technologically advanced civilisation, and the material wealth of this civilisation is the most obvious cause of conflict in the world, and what many games will be fought over.

The Pre-Fall Civilisation as it is known, was destroyed by an unknown event at an undisclosed period in the past. Judging by the state of the ruins however, we can be certain that it was more than a few hundred years ago, but not as long as a thousand years. This "Event" caused huge global warming, rising sea levels and a drastic change to the environmental conditions of Ulaya.

Despite the time past, occasionally people searching the ruins might find a piece of working technology, or at least, something which could be studied, repaired or put to use in some fashion.

However, the ruins are dangerous places. Giant predators, species from the Mesozoic epoch, roam the jungles of Ulaya like guardians of the ancient secrets of the past.

What's this you say? Dinosaurs? Well, it gets stranger!

•Less than a third of the intelligent beings on the planet are fully human.

•The rest are genetically engineered hybrid species or uplifted animals.

•These and the Mesozoic wildlife are the result of genetic engineering programs of the distant past.

Thusly, not only have sea levels raised but the environment, fauna and even the nature of intelligent life itself have radically changed.

There are many species on Ulaya, but at present the game only represents the main four, in the miniatures range. They are:

1 Humans: You know what these are, right?

2 Berengeii: Uplifted gorillas.

3 Sorrians: A reptilian species of mixed genetic origin.

4 Dverg: A former slave race of diminutive but hardy near-humans.

Tantalisingly, the creator has said that other, less common races, will be represented in the miniatures range in the future.

So Ulaya is a land rebuilding civilisation, and using ingenuity, scholarship, study and of course the material wealth of the past, to re-conquor a now very hostile earth.

For a long period, due to environmental instability, the survivors of The Event lived a desperate, nomadic lifestyle. Some people still do live in this manner, but most begun to settle down and farm as soon as the environment stabilised.

Their new problem was of course, the wildlife, only the strongest of which had survived.

By now cities have grown up, defended settlements dot the lowland and coastal areas of Ulaya, and technology is an eclectic mix of whatever people have availability to, be it as simple as a water powered mill, or as complicated as a salvaged power generator, and everything in between. Ancient technology is of course, very rare and highly prized, and whether it is a power source, weapon, or some sort of mechanical device, these objects can seem like magic to those who are totally unfamiliar with them.

Many games of The Drowned Earth will be fought over such resources- some factions have the acquisition of this tech as their complete raison d'etre, while others turn their hand to a bit of plundering while they go about their normal activities. But the opportunity is too good to pass up for anyone brave or proficient enough to wander the dangerous wilds of Ulaya.

I hope you've enjoyed this quick primer. Next step? Why not check out the fiction section of the website, "Tales of Ulaya"?