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Friday Snippets

You've made it to Friday. Congratulations!
You should reward yourself with some gaming. Or perhaps take in a movie. *opes the paper to see if anything good is playing right now* ;)

However you choose to spend your weekend, be it fighting against robot hordes, or just watching them on the big screen, hopefully you have a good time.
Before that, though, we've got our usual grouping of some bite-sized stories for you.

This batch includes: Warmonger Miniatures 10mm Landsknecht Arquebusiers (Handgunners) Kickstarter On Now, New Pipe Works Terrain System From Mechanical Warhorse, New Pre-painted 28mm Boxes and Crates from 4Ground, Era: Lyres nearing the end of its Kickstarter, New Pulp Alley figures and weapons from Statuesque Miniatures, Kromlech New Release - Legionaries Flamethrowers, Blood and Bone RPG - Goal Surpassed, Hysterical Games previews Dwarf Grenadiers for Panzerfaüste, Predastore Releases Arrow Predette, Bad Roll Games Previews Junkers Starter Pack Artwork, Dog Might Games launches The Adventure Case Kickstarter, Limana Games posts War of Wonders Kickstarter Preview, MidKnight Heroes posts W.I.P. Leonide, and Dragon War- Riders of Ashara Table Top Miniatures Game Kickstarter Announced.

Warmonger Miniatures 10mm Landsknecht Arquebusiers (Handgunners) Kickstarter On Now

Landsknecht Arquebusiers

Warmonger Miniatures is launching their second Kickstarter: 10mm German Landsknecht Arquebusiers (Handgunners).

The campaign is scheduled to end on Sunday, May 10, 2015 at 11:59PM EDT.

New Pipe Works Terrain System From Mechanical Warhorse

The Pipe works terrain system are modular kits of PVC pipelines and laser cut terrain you can use to support almost any tabletop gaming system.

Each Pipe works kit allows you to run multi-level pipe systems along your terrain table. Pipelines can use building and junction kits to move the pipeline through the playing area.

Beginning with our Pipe works ground level terrain you can run your supply lines across the table. The pipeline kits come in a single or double line kits. Each kit comes with a four way junction, pipe couplers and PVC pipelines. When assembled you can run a pipeline up to 40” in length.

Pump Room is a kit that allows you to transition your ground level pipelines to a second level. The pump house has built in couplers that allow pipelines to run on both levels. Level 2 couplers and PVC pipes are also included.

New Pre-painted 28mm Boxes and Crates from 4Ground

New in the Great Escape Games store and ready to pre-order (released May 7th) are three sets of crates and boxes from 4Ground.

Used for shipping goods, contraband or even dangerous, wild beasts, these are great for all sorts of periods, terrain settings and scenarios.

Era: Lyres nearing the end of its Kickstarter


We've only got a couple of days left on the Era: Lyres Kickstarter! We've met a Stretch Goal and we're heading for the second.

In a unique twist, this game involves telling whatever stories you like but focuses the outcome using the audience reaction. Telling good stories will gain you wealth, glory and respect... while telling stories that people don't believe will gain you a massive bar fight!

All kinds of extras are being offered, including a printed version of the Lyres' Map and a "Traveller's Guide" to Yarnolth and the Surrounding Lands!

New Pulp Alley figures and weapons from Statuesque Miniatures

Statuesque Miniatures and Pulp Alley are pleased to announce the release of two new Pulp Alley Miniatures packs – Dr. Fang and Golgo Satana and Pulp Alley Weapons 1.

"Believed to be centuries old, the enigmatic Dr. Fang frequently poses as a simple purveyor of ancient artifacts. In truth, this criminal mastermind secretly leads the greatest underworld empire in history.

"Golgo Satana's true face and identity remain unknown. This master of disguise and assassination strikes suddenly from the shadows then disappears without a trace."

As a new release special offer, Dr. Fang and Golgo Satana are priced at £6 for the pair, saving 20%.

As with all the Pulp Alley miniatures, Dr. Fang and Golgo Satana are available with unique Pulp Alley Character Cards, for use in your Pulp Alley games.

All our favorite pulp weapons are now available in the Pulp Alley Weapons 1 set - including Webley, Luger, Colt 1911, Mauser Broomhandle, Tommy Gun, and a Shotgun!

Designed for easy conversions, simply snip off a figures existing hand, dill a 1mm hole into the wrist and use the pre-attached pin to secure the new weapon hand in place.

The Pulp Alley Weapons 1 set is priced at £2.50.

The new releases are also available from both Pulp Alley in the USA and Statuesque Miniatures in the UK.

Kromlech New Release - Legionaries Flamethrowers


we have a new hot release today.
Legionary Thunder Gun with Flamethrower
Legionary Flamethrowers
Instruction says that they are very effective against all kind of mutants, heretics, alien invaders and alike !!

Blood and Bone RPG - Goal Surpassed

Blood and Bone

The Low Fantasy RPG Blood and Bone has passed its funding goal of $3,000.

There are 17 days left before funding closes and a host of stretch goals that can be unlocked during this second half of the funding period for this dark and gritty RPG:

The Arbiter's Scroll - An illustrated sheet of useful information, quick rules reference, and tips for the Arbiter (Game Master), available to all backers at the $15 level and above.

Bloodlines - Illustrated printable character sheets for players and NPCs, available to all backers at the $15 level and above.

Hysterical Games previews Dwarf Grenadiers for Panzerfaüste

Dwarf Grenadiers

Hysterical Games are preparing for their big release of the WW2 themed Fantasy miniature wargame, Panzerfaüste. They have previewed the first renders of their figures on their Facebook page in the form of a section of Dwarf Grenadiers!

Predastore Releases Arrow Predette

Arrow Predette

oday is the release of Arrow-Predette which has been sculpted by Paolo Fiabiani. She lives on the Planet Kuhl-Hunter where is always winter, she saw her prey, she takes her arrow and she will have another trophy.

Bad Roll Games Previews Junkers Starter Pack Artwork


Remember Punkapocalypti? Well, the new faction's five miniatures for our incoming Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign have already been revealed!

Beginning on May 4th, you will be able to get this awesome Junkers Starter Pack as well as many unlockable stretch-goal extras (some of which will be visible from the very start of the campaign, and I can tell you they include at least a free extra miniature), along with any other miniature from our existing catalog you like.

Dog Might Games launches The Adventure Case Kickstarter

Adventure Case

Organize your gaming supplies in this high quality customizable case. This masterwork piece of hardware is designed specifically for the tabletop gamer - it acts as a dice box, rolling tray, storage area, and doubles as a screen for stealthy players and GMs that want to hide their dice rolls. It features elegant folding doors that stand the case up to be used as a rolling screen.

Our goal at Dog Might Games is to make the best quality gaming gear around. The Adventure Case has gone through nearly a year of prototyping and we are very proud to offer it to tabletop gamers everywhere.

Limana Games posts War of Wonders Kickstarter Preview


The project's goal is 4,500 € to produce one US and one Nazi German squad and the Meta-Humans The Flag and Brunhild. Limana Press prepared six basic pledge levels labeled with army ranks, and five of them also have an Early bird option. For example, if you pledge fast and choose the Early bird “Natural Prodigy” level, you can get the same prizes of the Captain level for a cheaper price (20% off). There are two very interesting premium pledge levels too: with the Colonel you can have a squad and one Meta-Human ready for battle, painted by Limana's art studio; but the juicy thing comes with the Four-star General pledge level in which you can create your own superhero and you'll have a new miniature specifically designed and produced for you!

Something about the stretch goals: there are already twelve additional goals on the preview page. Stretch goals start at 5,000 €: the first additional miniature to be unlocked will be Water Village's Shinobi Yashamaru. At 6,000 € the first Japanese troop will be produced. The following goals will unlock the British and Soviet factions, and special troops for the US and Nazis.

MidKnight Heroes posts W.I.P. Leonide

WIP Leonide

Today we have more W.I.P. shots of Leonide by Fancagne Didier. Leonide is one of our core characters in our core set and by far one of our favs. He will be 40mm and cast in metal. This guy will be a beast!

How do you get him? well right now he is in our kickstarer (linked below) as part of our core set. You have a few ways to get him. You can pledge at the ALPHA level, and get just him or any other core character you choice, or you can pledge at The Omega Heroes level and get all three core characters Elvia, Leonide and Oda. Both levels will allow you to add on other characters you want that have been opened up via any stretch goal and we have over 14 planed. So stop over to the kickstarter and see what we have or check out our website for more info on the Kickstarter.

Dragon War- Riders of Ashara Table Top Miniatures Game Kickstarter Announced


Dragon War - Riders of Ashara is a table top miniatures game featuring combat between dragons and their riders. Players choose a faction and fight to defend it, or go mercenary and fight for themselves in this game set in an expansive world setting.

The core set is a game where dragons fight each other or against ground and aerial enemies either in individual scenarios or longer campaigns. Each player takes a dragon and a rider (the pairing of riders and dragons are interchangeable) and plays this combination during the game. If either rider or dragon are incapacitated, that unit is out. (If the dragon is incapacitated, the rider flies that dragon into the ground and if the rider is incapacitated, the dragon flies away).