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French BattleTech products coming

Catalyst Game Labs have entered into an agreement with Black Book Editions to produce French language BattelTech products. From their announcement:
Catalyst Game Labs and Black Book Editions are pleased to announce the coming publication of BattleTech for the French market. Black Book Editions bought the license for BattleTech several years ago, knowing it would be a great game, but they were waiting for a good occasion to launch it in France. What could be a better occasion than the 25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set. Black Book Editions will also work on publishing novels and other rulebooks for a full supporting line for BattleTech. “I’m very excited about this development,” states Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “Not only has the French community been waiting for this for long years, but foreign licensee interest is directly related to how successful a game line is doing in its original language. We’ve spent a lot of time the last four years re-invigorating BattleTech and to see such direct results is fantastic. Just great for BattleTech as a whole.” Across its lifetime BattleTech has been translated into over a dozen languages, including a French edition well over a decade ago. The publication and subsequent reception of the 25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set has sparked renewed interest for foreign editions of this perennial game. “We’re proud of the enthusiasm generated by Shadowrun and more than pleased with the 4 years of collaboration with Catalyst Game Labs,” said David Burckle of Black Book Editions. “We’re really looking forward to starting a new experience with BattleTech. And I can bet the French public is already waiting for its translation. Hoping that we will, once more, do justice to the quality of BattleTech products, I thank Catalyst Game Labs for entrusting us with this project, in the name of the whole team of Black Book Editions.