Freebooter's Fate to be available online

Freebooter Miniatures will be making their Freebooter's Fate rules available through their online store. From their announcement:
You may have heard about it at Salute. You may have seen it demonstrated. You may have read about it on the net. You may be curious. You might even be aquiver with barely contained anticipation. (Well, you might.) Freebooter's Fate is coming out. We are happy to announce that after some very successful demonstration games at various shows, Freebooter's Fate will be generally available from our webshop from 11 May 2010 onwards. So you too can get the game, grab a mate and give it a go. A brief reminder for those of you who haven't heard about it yet: Freebooter's Fate is a skirmish-level tabletop game for the 30mm range of Freebooter Miniatures. The game is based on a diceless combat system that leans more towards skill and psychology than luck, although having the latter still comes in handy. Play alternates between miniatures of opposing teams, thus not only leading to interesting tactical options but also minimizing downtime for the individual player, making the game more fun. On top of that, it's got everything a swashbuckler's heart could desire: rapacious pirates, dastardly goblins, stalwart Imperials, shadowy assassins, women with big guns, rum, gold and booty. Give it a go, you'll love it.