Freebooter’s Fate goes PDF

Freebooter Miniatures now has their Freebooter’s Fate rulebook available to download from their webshop.

Freebooter's Fate


From the announcement:

Freebooter’s Fate – the piratey skirmish game by Freebooter Miniatures – is now available in pdf format at Wargames vault. And for all of you who aren’t sure whether trying to outfox your opponent in a Caribbean fantasy setting in a fast and fun skirmish game with pirates, amazons, goblins and assorted peg legs is the thing for you, we’ve also made the starter rules and the all-important starter cards available. As a free download. So now you can just have a quick sample game with minimal investment. Come on, what are you waiting for? There’s pirates in them there files.