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Freebooter's Fate: Ex-captain Jack and ammo counters available

Freebooter's Fate has some new releases for August. They've got ex-captain Jack and new ammo counters.
Stay tuned to TGN for a review of Freebooter's Fate, coming soon.

From the update:

He is a little dizzy and constantly babbles on about the good old times back in the days when he were a lad and could walk upright and had all his own teeth and people had proper respect and stuff. Not like the young’uns these days. He is also well-known for switching sides in the heat of battle, usually when he gets hit in the head too hard. Nonetheless, Ex-captain Jack PIR 017 is a useful and cheap (only 30 dubloons hire fee, and that’s with two crutches and the hat) reinforcement for every pirate crew. Well, cheap, definitely. And entertaining.

The second new release is useful for almost every player and a fan’s favourite, which we have been asked to do lots of times in the past. Well, here they are at last: the Ammo counters ZUB 007! Nobody say we don’t listen to our customers. The counters are also available individually from the Freebooter Miniatures webshop.