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Freebooters Fate at the RPC 2011

Brueckenkopf Online will be adding Freebooters Fate to the demos being run at RPC 2011. From their announcement:
At the beginning of April we already showed some pictures of the demo tables that Freebooters Fate will present at the T3G. But they won’t be the only tables that they will show us. The team of Freebooter Miniatures created a brand new waterscape table and a jungle table especially for this event, on which the new Amazon faction will be presented. And people who are interested in some serious tavern brawls, should visit freebooter as well, as they will present their game with quickstart rules in a pub fight at the Rusty Anchor. With a little bit of luck you will even see Sickhase’s new Freebooter’s Fate table and be able to play a little game on it. As you can see, there is a lot going on with the pirates. Visit the wargaming demo area, presented by Brueckenkopf Online, at the RPC 2011 on 7th + 8th of May in Hall 2 of Koeln Messe in Cologne.