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Freebooter to retire some figures

Freebooter Miniatures have announced that some of their older stock are going to be retired. From their website:
Happy New Year everybody! We took the opportunity to go through our stocks. We hope you’ve all made it into the new year okay. We’ve used the opportunity to have a good old rummage through our range. Some miniatures have been kicking around for a few years now and will be retired from the range to sit around, sip cocoa and grumble about the youngster minis showing off their shiny new pewter. The following miniatures will shortly be taken out of production and will only remain available while stocks last.
  • CHA 004 Chaos Champion
  • IMP 001 Imperial Captain
  • IMP 002 Imperial Enchantress
  • IMP 003 Imperial Noble
  • MON 002 Beastman Berserker
  • PIR 001 Pirate boat
  • PIR 006 Leather Joe
  • STE 001 Steampunk Lady
  • WEI 006 Christmas Miniature 2005
  • WEI 007 Christmas Miniature 2006