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Freebooter Spiel Essen Teaser 1

Freebooter Miniatures has a preview teaser up for a special mini they're going to have available at the Spiel Essen convention.

From the announcement:

To all of you who intend to go to Spiel Essen this year, here is a first brief glimpse of what we will be presenting:
The biggest one goes first: We will have beta test packages for the new crew ready for sale. Yes, not only can you be among the first to get your greedy mitts on the new crew, if you send us your feedback in time, we may not just read it but even take it into account for the final version. :)

PLUS we will have exclusive prereleases of miniatures for existing crews, including alternative deckhands for Pirates and Amazons.

PLUS a new limited miniature, which can be used in Freebooter’s Fate. One model will be given away for free each day, but only to a person with vast maritime knowledge. Well, vast-ish. Or a lucky chancer who’s good at guessing. ;)

PLUS details of an upcoming special project to celebrate our ten year anniversary.