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Freebooter puts up Colpo di Mano green

Freebooter Miniatures has a new green up on their website for their new mini, Colpo di Mano.

From the preview:

Highly sought after and available soon.

Colpo di Mano ASS 013 is a Brotherhood specialist and comes equipped with a smoke bomb. An seemingly innocuous little device whose main function is to ensure that your Brotherhood lads and lassies get where you want them to – into the thick of melee combat.

Even in the thickest of enemy crossfires, Colpo will get you those few extra centimeters of safety from those pesky enemy bullets. Plus he´s one hell of a nasty git in close combat, as is only to be expected from a Brotherhood Assassin.

While you wait a little longer for this super sneaky addition to your Brotherhood crew to become available, here are some greens of him for you to drool over.