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Freebooter Price Increase on 1 July 2012

Freebooter Miniatures is having to do a price increase on July 1st. They're not happy about it (I mean, who ever is?), but these things just sometimes happen.

Dear friends, pirates and partners!

It’s been 8 years now that the Freebooter ship has been plying the ocean waves without any significant changes to its course. However, you know what it’s like at sea, the number of barnacles sticking to the hull goes critical, leaks start springing up here and there, rum levels are low, there’s no more thread for patching up the sails with and the old girl could do with a lick of paint as well. And so we finally had to change course and face the fact that a leaking ship with a barnacle-encrusted hull and threadbare sails will eventually be dead in the water. To put it less flowery: we really tried our best but not least due to changed conditions on the raw materials markets, we can longer put off increasing at least some of our prices. We have tried to keep the increase as moderate as possible and only make changes in those categories where they have become truly unavoidable.

The changes to the retail prices are:
price code B: increase from EUR 7.50 to EUR 7.90
price code D: increase from EUR 9.90 to EUR 10.50
price code E: increase from EUR 10.90 to EUR 11.50
price code F: increase from EUR 12.90 to EUR 13.50

In addition, the following blister packs will have their price code changed from F to G which remains constant at EUR 14.90:
AMA 003 Chicomeh and Matqueh
ASS 007 Coscritti and Harlequin
ASS 011 Battitore and Coscritti
IMP 004 Imperial Arquebusiers #1
IMP 005 Imperial Arquebusiers #2
IMP 006 Imperial Arquebusiers #3
IMP 011 Marines
PIR 005 Pirate and Cuchillo
PIR 010 Tiradora and Matelot

There is, however, a positive side to all this: we will not increase the prices for the starter sets, so these now present an even better bargain when starting out with Freebooter’s Fate or when getting into a new crew.

The new prices are going to be effective as of 1st July 2012.
You thus have until 30th June 2012 to order from us at the old prices. The date by which your order reaches us is authoritative.

Many thanks for your understanding!