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Freebooter: New stuff for Salute

Freebooter Miniatures will be making their way to Salute in just over a week and they'll be bringing a load of new booty with them. They have a quartet of new Freebooter's Fate minis in the form of Jamon Borodino, Kasper, Piccina, and Lilith. They'll also be giving people a chance to try out their new Freebooter's Fate Battles combat system. It's designed to make it so you can play with more figures on the board, but still play quick as though you were doing a smaller skirmish.

From the announcement:

All hands on deck at SALUTE!

Ahoy there

Right, Salute in London is coming up the strait (April 25th) and to help you plan exactly where to leave your hard-earned dough, here’s what we’ll be having with us in terms of pre-releases.

First off, a stalwart imperial chappie by the name of Borodino. Jamon Borodino.

Next, there’s a rather less salubrious guy of rather more dubious loyalty. His signature dish is soup. And for those who don’t like soup, there’ll be soup – loa soup with noodles.

And there is more: a dainty young lady, called Piccina, with some serious issues. “Call that a crossbow? THIS is a crossbow!” No points for guessing her affiliation, what with the mask and everything.

Last but not least, the stylish Lilith surfaces from her vault-like abode, now that mysticism is en vogue again, to unleash her loas upon the world once more.

Plus, we will be demonstrating our new, optional combat system, “Freebooter’s Fate Battles!” which allows you to fight larger skirmishes in the same amount of time as smaller ones. The finished product will hit the shelves in May this year (two bouts of scurvy will do that to a release schedule, you know).

See you in London

Your Freebooter Team