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Freebooter Minis announces June releases

Freebooter Minis has their June releases previewed up on their website. Say hello to Grogg and Casimeere Flynn.

From the update:

June New Releases – Grogg GOB 018 and Casimeere Flynn PIR 015

Right, here we go again – behold our June new releases.

We start off with Grogg GOB 018, a specialist with a bit of a thing for shiny gold necklaces and for hanging around in barrels. This tough little feller can be hired for 70 doubloons for a Goblin pirate crew as a walking bulletcatcher.

Casimeere Flynn PIR 015 has already been shown on various cons as a prerelease. Now Fate’s gift to Longfall’s ladies finally steps onto the scene to turn heads and excite, er, comment. Pirate crews can hire this specialist character with his long sword and delicate rose for 75 doubloons.

Both characters will be available from calendar week 24 onwards.