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Freebooter Miniatures updates their Indiegogo campaign

Freebooter Miniatures has updated their Freebooter's Fate Legends Indiegogo campaign.

From the update:

Now that we’re back from Spiel, we finally have a few spare minutes in which to update you on the progress of our Indiegogo campaign.

Stuff has most definitely been happening since its launch. Not only did we achieve the minimum funding within 28 hours, we have by now made the first six stretchgoals and are just short of achieving no. 7.

This means that you can now obtain the successor to our recently discontinued Goblin Captain and the main pledge level of Captain has now grown to include 8 miniatures instead of the initial 6 plus upgraded arms, alternative heads and a skeletal powder monkey companion for the mysterious pirate.

Just a few more pledges and we will have achieved the next stretchgoal – a mercenary character who will allow you to field an all-mercenary crew.

So go on, have another look if you haven’t pledged already or if you have and are not completely averse to the thought of upgrading. One limited perk has already sold out, you know.