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Freebooter Miniatures sponsoring WAMP 2011

Freebooter Miniatures is sponsoring the WAMP 2011 painting competition. From their website:
We are co-sponsors of a painting competition called WAMP 2011, which features the competition itself, demo games and club displays, organised by the nice people over at the WAMP forum. Judges include inter alia the McVeys. The event will be held at Maelstrom Games, Mansfield, UK (incidentally a stockist of Freebooter Miniatures) on Saturday, 4 June 2011. We are the proud sponsors of the “People’s Choice Award” which will be awarded by the attendees of the event. Doors open at 11am, entry is free and should probably also be pointed out that the location has a fully-licensed bar and restaurant and parking is free.