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Freebooter Miniatures posts up December Freebooter's Fate releases

Freebooter Miniatures released a little bit of everything this month for Freebooter's Fate. There's an army case, some terrain and a new pirate.

From the update:

The Freebooter figure case is available! As are Barco and the Palm Tree!

We hope that December is going to be a bit more relaxed. Half our crew is currently in sick berth and so we have trouble putting up the right bits of sail at the right time and so we’re looking for a nice little place to drop anchor. Although, my personal suspicion is that the crew just a bit too much rum and is just dozing off its hangover!

A joyful advent to all of you!
Werner und the Freebooter Miniatures team

The first Freebooter figure case is finally here! Some of you had been able to get a good look at (and possibly even your greedy little mitts on) it at Spiel earlier this year. I have to say it turned out real nifty. Many thanks to Sven and the Feldherr UG crew for the smooth co-operation.

The feared and notorious pirate captain Barco Malcaduco completes the pirate crew. For now!

Plus we have added a nice big Palm Tree to the store for all you carftsy people out there.

All of the above are available as of right now.