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Freebooter July Releases posted

Freebooter Miniatures hits the waves with the release of their new models for Freebooter's Fate for this month.


From the release:

Ahoy there, sea urchin collectors!

The sun is shining high in the sky, fans of football and tennis are having a blast these days, but we're not forgetting those who prefer playing with miniatures to physical violence against ball-shaped objects.

So here are the two new releases for this month:

"Incantenebra":/en/catalog/3057 is the mystic huntress of the Brotherhood. Her Ferracero weapons are the weapon of choice against mystics and characters possessed by loas. She is also the only specialist capable of performing the legendary shadow run.

"Goblin Thugs":/en/catalog/3055 can take and dish out more damage than other Goblin deckhands, but they lack gimmicks like pistols and shields - which for some is another advantage. Fielded as honour guard alongside "Gront":/en/catalog/2823 they can even receive the "tough" trait rather than just look the part.

Both products are available now!