Freebooter announce Limited Edition Spiel ’10 miniature

Freebooter Miniatures have posted details of the limited edition figure they will be releasing at Essen Spiel 2010.

Amazon scout

From their announcement:

This year’s limited edition miniature for Spiel ’10 is an Amazon scout, LIM011, named Qualani. She and her sisters hail from far away Hacia Elocaso. Qualani is the vanguard of a new faction for Freebooter’s Fate: the Amazons. The crew is planned to feature in our first supplement to Freebooter’s Fate which we intend publish in spring of next year.

LIM 011 Qualani is limited to 1,000 casts. She will be available from our online shop, together with a mini campaign featuring her, after Spiel Essen, i.e. from 26 October onwards.