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Freeblades will be at Feast of Blades in a couple weeks

DGS Games will be in Colorado in a couple weeks for Feast of Blades and will be bringing Freeblades along with them.


From the announcement:

Freeblades at Feast of Blades!

Or is that Feast of Freeblades? J

DGS Games is attending Feast of Blades, October 11-13 in Denver, Colorado.

We will be debuting our Bladestone Keep game for Freeblades in all three game slots on Saturday. Bladestone Keep is a ten-level castle and players will be playing Freebands trying to get the most loot and get out before the place becomes too dangerous. Of course none of the other Freebands want you to be the one to get out with the most loot…

Come join us! Play in Bladestone, hang out and watch the game or get some games in with some DGS Staff and talk all things Freeblades and Faelon.

We look forward to seeing you there!