Free Wrath of Kings novel posted

CoolMiniOrNot has posted up a free-to-download Wrath of Kings novel over on their Kickstarter page.
I’ve read it. It’s good. You should read it, too.


From the update:

Ahoy, folks, I’m Eric Kelley, the head writer for Wrath of Kings. It is my great pleasure to present you with the electronic edition of the Wrath of Kings novel.

We’re doing something different that most games in how we present the background. Most books provide expository sections for factions, units, and setting with just a few narrative pieces for flavor. With Wrath we’re going the other direction. This novel represents about three fifths of the rulebook. There will be rules (naturally) and brief unit entries, but everything else is presented in a narrative format, and we’re pleased to bring this to you today.