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Free Worldwide Shipping This Week from Victrix

Arguably one of the things people like least about buying figures online is having to calculate shipping cost at the end of your order. You think you've only spent $X, but you've really spent $Y, and it can be a real pain (tied maybe only with having to wait for your minis, because all of us gamers can tend to be a somewhat impatient lot). Well, for this week, Victrix is eliminating the hassle of shipping costs. Just make an order with them and use the proper code at checkout and Boom! Free Worldwide Shipping!

To get the free shipping, just use the code "FREEPOST" at checkout. You must use the code, or you won't get the deal. The free shipping works with the regular multi-box discount that Victrix has running, so it's like a bonus on top of another bonus.

In other news, they will have their new Napoleonic French Artillery pieces up for pre-order by the end of the week. Stay tuned for information about that as we get it.