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Free Warpath Alpha Rules from Mantic

Warpath, Mantic's sci-fi miniatures wargame, has a new edition of their rules up online for you to check out. The basic stats for Corporations are in there. Then there's the Forge Fathers, Enforcers, and the Plague. The rules have been being worked on for five years, so hopefully you'll find them fun to play and nicely balanced.

As with all Mantic games, the hope was that the rules were simple, but gave a depth of tactical choices during your turn. That being said, being a larger-battle game than just being a squad or two, they went with a bit more abstract version of battlefield simulator. Ranged attacks are the focus, with melee being quick and decisive. It's more about placing your figures for maximum effect.

So you feel they achieved that in this new version of the rules?

Tell us what you think.