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Free Version of Fractured Galaxy Sci-Fi RPG Available

Another game has hit the "try it before you buy it" market. Actually, this one's still in the "try it and help make the game better for release" market, since it's still in beta. But you can join in on that beta of Fractured Galaxy, an upcoming sci-fi RPG for free.

From the announcement:

Galaxy System Games is excited to announce the release of our free play test rules for the Fractured Galaxy RPG gaming system. GSG has teamed with DriveThruRPG to offer this early look at our rules lite, restriction-free system. This slim version will allow players to test the system using basic combat rules and pre-gen characters for quick combat scenarios. For the more adventurous GMs a preview of our unique Cthulu Pan setting is included. Fractured Galaxy is designed for any genre, dynamic characters, and a simple skills test/combat system for ease of play and unlimited creativity. Check us out, and look for more announcements about future releases coming soon!