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Free Update for Outlands Now Available

Who doesn't love getting things for free? Nobody. That's who. So, everyone should be excited, because Shades of Chaos Games is giving everyone something for free. Yes, it's the latest update for Outlands (the 8th one, to be particular). There's new modes of play, new special characters, a mini-campaign, and much more. You can download your copy now.

About the update:

Shades Of Chaos Games are please to release the 8th (yes 8th) Free content update for OUTLANDS. In this issue you will find:

All By Itself:- A comprehensive guide to playing OUTLAND games outside the normal 'Campaign' setting. Stand Alone OUTLANDS game is a subject that is always asked. ALL BY ITSELF is the 1st steps to starting individual one off battles.

Special Character:The Drunk. This is by far the worst Special Character ever!!!!! Or is he?? Keep him alive long enough to find out.

REVELATIONS: Episode 1 is the start of a 3 mission mini-campaign which signals the end of OUTLANDS Phase 1.

OVERSEER RULES:- Introducing a 3rd Player to act as Game Master for Episode 1 of Revelations. New rules, outcomes and of course a few surprises.