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Free Space Jacker Miniatures from is giving away 5 free Space Jacker miniatures when you order from their Sci-Fi line. Go get some free models!

From the announcement:

Place an order for any science fiction product on (any HOF,SHM,Laserburn, 6mm, science fiction rulebook) of any value from one miniature to an entire army or array of books and we will automatically include the Space Jackers in your package free of charge!

This free Laserburn 15mm set of miniatures consists of FIVE figures, three in space suits and two droids (codes 203,205,206,601,603). A great little set for use in many games and universes including USE ME, Alien Squad Leader, HOF Fire-Team and Laserburn itself. You can place as many orders as you like and each will automatically contain this free set. But we will supply only one free set per order.

You can combine this offer with any other, meaning you can use a valid discount code, you can also purchase the HOF Fire-Team Dropship Horizon Bundle and so on in the same order.

Go on...get into space!

CLICK HERE then browse the sci-fi ranges.

Offer Valid Until 4th June 2012.

Thanks for Reading.