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Free Save the Day Playtest Adventure Now Available

Okumarts Games has released their Save the Day Playtest Adventure. This pay-what-you-want adventure is designed as an introduction to their Save the Day Super Heroes RPG (that's up on Kickstarter). The adventure comes complete with pre-generated characters, as well as all the encounters laid out.

From the release:

This product is designed as a quick play introduction to Save the Day, a super role playing game on Kickstarter until May 16, 2015. Including four sample characters that just can't seem to get along and a rollicking adventure that involves robots, science, fine art and crowd control. This is a sample playtest product designed teach you the basics of Save the Day in no time. Kid friendly and quick to play, Save the Day is also compatible with Darkfast Dungeons. You can have your superhero battling legions of goblins in no time.