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Free Roll Machined Gamers Dice up on Kickstarter

Spiel Designs has rolled the dice to fund some dice on Kickstarter. And they've succeeded! Well, so far, anyway. They've got a lot of time still left so they can succeed even more... Ok, my analogy derailed there. Anyway, Dice!

From the campaign:

This product is machined from 100% solid brushed aluminum metal. They are D6 gaming dice for true card and board game lovers. These aren't your typical dice; we've given each side a rounded face with tri-star shaped corners for a 3D dimensional look. They are durable, perfectly weighted with smooth corners that allow the dice to roll easily and deliver statistically even probabilities. Each die measures 16mm and weighs 11.34gm. No more boring square faced, sharp rigid dice that have a tendency to scratch and cut board games and tables. We introduce you to the new revolutionary RPG gaming dice named “Free Roll”.