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Free Print and Play Version of The Third Law Posted

I have a personal rule when it comes to games: try it before you buy it. I know a lot of you have much the same rule. I can't afford to spend money on a game I won't be playing often. So that's why I love when companies post up their rules online for free. You can check them out and give them a try before you dive in. The guys over at Primogenesis are going a step further with posting a whole print-and-play setup for The Third Law.

From the announcement:

Primogenesis Ltd have just released the full set of 'Print and Play' rules and resources for their upcoming sc-fi miniatures game 'The Third Law'. Launching on Kickstarter in the very near future, The Third Law is a skirmish level miniatures wargame that features small teams of brutal combat robots battling it out in a bleak, near future earth. If you are thinking Robot Wars meets Fight Club meets Deathrace, you are pretty close.

With plenty of art and miniatures already previewed on their website the lads decided it was time to release the game into the wild and give everyone plenty of time to 'try before they buy'. The game has already received lots of postive feedback from the playtest videos and now they are inviting the world to get on board and let them know what they think.

If you haven't had the chance to take a look yet then their website can be found at On here you can browse through all the artwork and background for the game and take a look at the miniatures sculpted so far. The print and play resources can be found at if you like what you see and want to get it on the tabletop