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Free postage to North America from Warlord Games

Warlord Games is offering free shipping to North Americans for their orders off of the website for the month of October.

Warlord Games


From the announcement:

A big hello from across the pond! Firstly, an apology - we know that in the past our turn around time s for some orders placed through our website have taken longer to despatch than we would like.

However over the past few months, we've taken stock of the situation, have overhauled our Mail Order processes and we’re now in a position where we're turning orders around within 2 or 3 working days.

So, we’re here to offer an invitation to all of you residing in the US or Canada - challenge us! We want you to put our Mail Order team to the test. Our troops are ready, waiting and eager - tape guns loaded, sights adjusted, chomping at the bit!

Orders placed through our US webstore during October 2014 for delivery to USA and Canada will qualify for FREE SHIPPING and our Mail Order troops will also include a little something extra with every order - a mystery gift...

Remember to check-out the New Releases section - it's packed with goodies - why not take the opportunity to pre-order the up-coming Battleground Europe book, pick up a troop of our new plastic Cromwell cruiser tanks, or take charge of our New Kingdom Egyptian Chariot squadrons!

With FREE SHIPPING to USA and Canada, lots of shiny new goodies on offer, and super-speedy turnaround times there's never been a better time to pick-up some new toys!