Free PnP for Stratagem, an abstract strategy board game by 6th Gear Games

6th Gear Games has created a free print-and-play version of their game Stratagem, a board game they’ll be launching on Kickstarter soon.


From the announcement:

I created a Print & Play of my game Stratagem for free download to help promote the game’s upcoming Kickstarter on April 15.

About Stratagem

Stratagem is an abstract strategy board game. Players take turns moving their pawns around the board, claiming each contiguous space they enter with hexagon tiles. Points are scored for each claimed space that survives a round and is converted to a controlled space. Action cards may be played during the game to a player’s advantage.

Prefer Skill Over Luck? Some people may prefer a more strategic rule-set, one that relies more heavily on the player’s skill than the luck of a die roll. There are variant rules in the rule book to limit or completely remove all luck components. Pick and choose the ones you like.