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Free Nations Live Launch Weekend Starts Tomorrow

Time Zones are a funny thing. When it's an hour or two, it's just kinda like, "yeah, whatever." But then you hit that point where there's people already in tomorrow when you're still in today. As Battlefront is over in New Zealand, they're well ahead of those of us in the US and UK, and are often in the next day when many of us are just getting going with our regular routine. This means that they'll begin their Live Launch Weekend for Free Nations tomorrow (well, tomorrow for most of us, 2 days from now for them, which is still just tomorrow, but... You know what, never mind. Just go to their site, damnit).

From the announcement:

The Free Nations Live Launch Is tomorrow, 8th Of June New Zealand Time. Join us as we update the website with articles and a few other surprises throughout the day.