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"Free Mars" Kickstater Campaign includes minis

Free Mars is a webcomic about a hard-rocking band out to free... well... Mars.
Anyway, as part of their Kickstarter, they've got minis available, so we figured we'd post it up here for you guys to check out, even though it's not normally the thing we post.

From the campaign:

Ashes 2 Ashes is a new chapter in the Free Mars saga, an epic tale of punk rock, revolution, and the Red Planet. As part of their Kickstarter incentive list, the guys at Free Mars have had all 3 band members sculpted by Chris Borer. Own all 3 of The Sisters Grimm Vikki, Samantha and Taryn in 30mm scale. Check out the Kickstarter, help out an awesome comic, get some cool minis...what have you got to lose?