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Free John Carter of Mars Quickstart Adventure Available From Modiphius

"Try before you buy." That's a motto I follow as much as possible in my life. I simply don't have the time, money, or space to get every game that is released (and unless you're Elon Musk or Carrot Top, I doubt you do, either). So that's why I love when a company puts out a free version of their game rules to check out. In this case, it's Modiphius that's released a free Quickstart adventure for their John Carter of Mars RPG. You get some of the rules, as well as a look at how an adventure is laid out. It's a perfect place to see if going on further adventures in Barsoom is for you.

From the website:

This short FREE Quickstart adventure is designed to allow play­ers to take on the role of heroes from the John Carter of Mars stories as they encounter perilous adventures on Barsoom explore the rules of its 2d20 roleplaying system.

The adventure is set shortly after the events of A Princess of Mars and the decline of Helium’s long time rival, Zodanga. During this period, John Carter stays for years in Helium with his beloved Dejah Thoris, but few of his adven­tures during this time are described in Bur­rough’s work.

As the adventure begins, Carter is travelling with Dejah and several friends and allies by flier to meet with a delegation from a minor Red Martian kingdom, Voninka, that is seeking alliance with Helium. Voninka was a small satellite nation of Zodanga until the nation’s recent defeat at the hands of Helium. It now seeks new allies among Helium and its jeddak, a young but respected leader known as Corlan Nim, has requested a diplomatic meeting with representatives of Helium—the player heroes and their crew.

But all is not quite as it seems and this apparently simple diplomatic mission soon launches our heroes into a whirlwind adventure!

Prepare to experience the might and majesty of 2d20 adventures on the red planet in John Carter of Mars!