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Free Issue of Casual Game Insider

You know me, I tend to fill my day up with all the gaming that one person can handle. I know many of you out there are the same way. To help with that, there's gaming magazines, in particular, Casual Game Insider. They're offering a digital copy of their upcoming issue free. All you need to do is let them know your e-mail address to send it to. They've also posted up information about their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

From the announcement:

What is Casual Game Insider? The world's premier guide to casual board gaming — we have thousands of subscribers and are sold at hundreds of Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million stores.

- Reviews of the best new tabletop games and trade show coverage.
- Fascinating articles about board gaming from a variety of authors.
- The inside scoop on your favorite game publishers and designers.
- Professional photography, graphic design, and editing.

Enter your contact information below to receive a free PDF of the Summer 2017 issue after it is released! (Regular price is $3.99. Ends July 7.)

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