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Free Gear Krieg Zombie Preview booklet from AD Publishing

AD Publishing is giving away free preview booklets for their Gear Krieg Zombie expansion. Seems fitting for this time of year.

From the announcement:This is a free supplement for our "Victory Decision: World War II" miniatures game.
Have some scary fun...

A copy of the Victory Decision: World War II rulebook is necessary to fully use the content of this book.
The full Victory Decision: Gear Krieg rulebook will be released later this year or early 2013.

The Victory Decision: Gear Krieg Preview booklet brings two of the Two-fisted Pulp Superscience units of Dream Pod 9’s classic Gear Krieg game to the Victory Decision: World War II line of products.
Victory Decision is a fast-playing game based on real historical units and vehicles. With Victory Decision: Gear Krieg you will get more.
Included are the rules for the German Zombietrupp and the Imperial Japanese Koumajutsu and the new infantry ability to use them in your games of Victory Decision: World War II.

As with all our ebooks you will get in fact 2 products:

•a full colour version with many high quality pictures of fully painted models
•in addition a B&W text only printer friendly version