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Free Figures and a Prize Drawing from Warlord Games

Warlord Games is running a special deal this month on their website. If you spend £50 in their webshop, you'll get a free German Officer with your order. Spend £100 and you'll get two, and so forth and so on. Also, every order placed this month (including ones already made, so don't feel bad for having gotten something on the 2nd and thinking you missed the drawing) will be entered to win a prize pack worth over £400. There's terrain and troops and tanks and all sorts of good stuff.

From the website:

Last month it was Soviets – this month it’s the Germans!
Free Figures!

Throughout March, we’re giving away a free German miniature with every customer order over £50.00, two when over £100 and the others at multiples thereof up to a total of four.

o – for a very limited time – we present the German Ostfront Command, containing a German Radio Operator, Wounded Tank Crew, Officer, and Medic.
Massive Prize Draw!

But that’s not all – every single person that places an order this month (including everyone who’s ordered already!) will be in with a chance to win this huge Ostfront prize bundle of Warlord Games and Sarissa Precision products, worth over £400:

Three Sarissa Factory sets – don’t worry, these will be on sale soon!
1 x Sarissa Tank Large Factory
1 x Sarissa Tank Factory Office Workshop
1 x Sarissa Tank Factory Power Plant
Two armoured Infantry sets
1 x Soviet Winter Infantry Company Deal
1 x Panzergrenadier Boxed Set
Three German Tanks
1 x plastic Panther
1 x plastic Panzer IV
1 x plastic Tiger I
Three Soviet Tanks
2 x plastic T34/76
1 x plastic T34/85
Both Ostfront Command groups
1 x Ostfront Command
1 x German Ostfront Command
Bolt Action rulebook & Tank War
1 x Tank War Book (signed by Alessio Cavatore & Rick Priestley)
1 x Bolt Action Rulebook (signed by Alessio Cavatore & Rick Priestley)