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Free downloads for Hind Commander

Assault Publishing have posted several free downloads for their Hind Commander rules. Hind Commander update From their announcement:
On the Assault Publishing web page are the additional rules for Hind Commander . ‘Hind Commander’ is designed as an open system, which means that in addition to the extensive equipment list in the rulebook, extra machines are published on the Assault Publishing web page. All these rules should be counted as ‘official’ ones, and may be used without your opponent’s permission. Todays update includes 3 aircraft manufactured in Europe. The most modern machines are the two version of the Eurocopter Tiger: HAD (Spanish Army version) and ARH advanced recon version exported to Australia.
On the other side we introduce some obsolete and rather little-known, but globally popular helicopters: three versions of the Bo-105. The PAH-1 in the rulebook represents the anti-tank version used by the German Army, but the Bo 105 was manufactered in plenty of other variants. These are represented by three Bo 105 entries: ‘economical’ and ‘advanced’ export versions, complemented by an armed scout version built under licence in Spain. And finally there is a truly classic airplane – the Panavia Tornado in ADV and IDS versions. Rules for all these aircraft are available for free in the Hind Commader free downloads section.