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Free derelict building from Stoelzel's Structures

Stoelzel's Structures is giving away one of their downloadable terrain pieces for free. It's free. Why not go and get it?

From them to you:

This derelict commercial building was left vacant over a decade ago when the tenants found asbestos contamination in the insulation wrap, lead contamination in the paint, excessive and deadly radon levels seeping from the basement, not to mention the bed bug infestation that resisted all attempts to remove. Since then, we have tried to rent this property out several times, and rumors of unearthly moans and spectral groaning have scared most of renters away, and those that stuck out these fears where driven off by the raising criminal element in the area.

There really isn’t much for us at Stoelzel’s Structures to do with this property so we decided to just give it to you for free, under the condition that you assume all liability for these issues. We simply cannot afford to invest in making this a safe property.

In this project you will find our first demo project which contains a playable structure. There are three build styles you can construct this project in. The three quarter building is built leaving the back of the building off and is perfect for buildings lying on the edge of your gaming table. You may wish to build the lift out building, where the second, third, and fourth floors are removable from the top. Or lastly, you may wish to build the sliced building, where each floor is a separate element that is stacked upon each other, and may be un-stacked to game inside. Instructions are provided for each.

This unit is a 7.5 inch by 10 inch deep, two story open floor plan building. Customers who have purchased the recently released MUCK 2 will have no trouble modifying this structure.