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Free Demo Pack for Bloody Quest RPG Now Available

A new RPG will be making its way to your tabletops soon. It's Bloody Quest and it's... well... bloody. For lots of other RPGs, you take some hits, and maybe even get KO'ed for a while (in D&D terms, "hit negative numbers"), but if you get some healing you're just fine and right as rain in the morning. Not so with Bloody Quest, where you can end up carrying around scars, or other such, of your encounters.

This new Demo Pack will let players and GMs get a look at how the game development is going. It's not exactly an "open beta," but it also sort of is, seeing as you can test out the game and then send in your feedback, which might lead to tweaks before the final publishing of the rules.

“Bloody Quest has gone from strength to strength.” the game's designer Tony Pettersen said. “We have worked hard to distill the roleplay experience down to something which is visually understandable, simple, and yet offers opportunity for flexibility and complexity. I think roleplayers of all kinds are going to find the Bloody Quest system a compelling addition to the roleplay game family.”