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Free book downloads from Dream Pod 9 for Heavy Gear Blitz

Dream Pod 9 has a pair of their books for Heavy Gear Blitz up for free download on their website. What reason is there to not check it out?

From the update:

Dream Pod 9 is launching it’s Summer Blitz Event! Today we are announcing free eBooks of our Heavy Gear Blitz core rules as well as reduced prices on other eBooks and bundles from DriveThru RPG. Check back over the next two weeks as we'll be announcing additional offers on books and miniatures.

To kick it off, everyone can try the Heavy Gear Blitz rules for free!

You can download the Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual: Core Rulebook Revised and the Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked and Loaded eBooks for FREE on DriveThru RPG this summer. The Field Manual is the most up-to-date rule set for Heavy Gear Blitz. Locked & Loaded includes background information and setting details as well as current army briefings for the North, South, and Peace River factions. Both eBooks are full color and contain a wealth of artwork and photographs of miniatures.

All you need to play the game now are some Heavy Gear Blitz Miniatures and a few friends.