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Free Army Lists for In Death Ground

In Death GroundNorth Star Military Figures have added new army lists for the In Death Ground colonial rules as a free download. From their announcement: In Death Ground is the new set of Ancient rules from Chris Peers Ruga Ruga Publishing. The rules contain 12 sample army lists, but Chris had always promised that more lists would follow as free downloads, and true to his word the first is written and available to download now. In Chris's own words: For the first of the planned free army list downloads for “In Death Ground”, we have chosen the armies and enemies of the Mongols in Eastern Europe during the 14th century AD. The first appearance of these terrifying invaders west of the Caspian Sea was in 1221, when Chinggis Khan’s generals Subotai and Jebei led a long-range reconnaissance mission through the Caucasus and onto the Ukrainian steppe, smashing a Russian alliance in passing at the Battle of Kalka in 1223. In 1237 Subotai returned to Russia with Chinggis’ grandson Batu, this time to stay. An attempt to press on further west was thwarted by the death of the Great Khan Ogedei in 1242, but Batu’s armies, and the successor state which eventually became known as the “Golden Horde”, were to dominate the continent’s eastern frontiers for the next two centuries. I think the lists are of interest to every Ancients player, not just players of In Death Ground, so if you have a moment visit the Ruga Ruga Publishing page of the North Star website, and click on 'In Death Ground'. To tempt you into trying the rules, I've put them on post free worldwide whilst this story remains active on TGN.