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Jan 7th, 2011

Darkson Designs is giving away a free PDF of the AE-WWII rules.

From their announcement:

So we would like our fans share AE-WWII with their friends. The best way to do this is with their own copy of the rule book. So for the first 50 players that want to try out AE-WWII we will send a free PDF copy of the AE-WWII Core Rule’s.

You just need to send us your email associated with your Wargame Vault account. You will that receive an email from Wargame Vault with a code to download your copy of the rules. It’s just that easy.

Please send emails to:
[email protected]

  • supervike

    Great rules. Free is good! I already have a hard copy, otherwise I’d be all over this.

  • On a side note, Wargames Vault is great! I have tons of ebooks from them for use on my iPad. Great online shop!

  • Make sure to send your account email.

    We have had a great responce from this so we are going to increase the offer to 100 free copies this month.

  • Brant

    Have the copies gone out? I sent an email earlier today and haven’t heard anything.

  • Keep an eye on your email over the next day or so as they are starting to go out. Everyone that has sent an email with a Wargames Vault account will be getting a copy. But we are almost through all 100 copies already.

  • So we ended up sending out 100 copies. Thanks to everyone who emailed. Please let us know what you think about the background, factions, and rules and what we can do to improve them.


  • Osbad

    Got my copy! Many thanks!