Free additional optional rules for USE ME 15mm released have released a free optional rules expansion for their USE ME 15mm sci-fi rules.

From their announcement:

Many thanks to all of you, some from this most excellent site, who have decided to play USE ME for your 15mm sci-fi games. Thanks for your support.

I am happy to be able to announce that all the feedback and requests in the last three weeks from players has resulted in a four page, free document of Optional Additional Rules for the game. You do not need this document to play USE ME, you can pick and choose the optional rules you want to use based on your own setting and troops from your 15mm sci-fi gaming collection.

Here is a list of all the subjects covered in the free document;

  • What Are Optional Additional Mechanics
  • Close Combat Specialisation
  • Anti-Vehicle Specialisation
  • Psionic Specialisation
  • Characters Firing for Suppression in Play
  • No Additional Mechanic for Firing into Melee
  • Firing Non Lethal Rounds in USE ME
  • Civilians and Random Movement in USE ME
  • Optional Morale System
  • 2D6 Integrated Morale System
  • The Hive Mind and Non Sentient Aliens in USE ME
  • Weather Effects in USE ME

You can get these pages for free from the Barking Irons Blog. You can join the Notables Yahoo Group and get the document as a PDF download.

Additionally there have been many positive reviews of the USE ME game system from respected independent 15mm science fiction players around the world.

I would like to share these with you via the Barking Irons blog for links. Thanks for your great reviews.

Playing the game for a skirmish onboard a spaceship on a squared grid.

You can learn all about this mighty little system for only £3.50 plus reduced shipping on

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Alexander Scott