Free 7TV PDF – The Man From 3000

By tgn_admin
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Aug 25th, 2011

Crooked Dice Game Design Studio have posted a free PDF for their 7TV game titled The Man From 3000 (PDF link).

The Man From 3000

From their announcement:

We at Crooked Dice Towers have been given special access to a dossier, ‘borrowed’ from Project Time Lift, on the despicable chronally-challenged nemesis known only as The Man From 3000. From this top secret file we have created rules for using him in 7TV.

Download the PDF from the Crooked Dice website – although possession of this information is punishable by an indeterminate stretch at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

  • Ken

    Information. We want information!

    • cama

      You are the new Number Two!

  • Sejanus

    I have to say, just got an order of some of Crooked Dices minis in. They are in a word beautiful. The paint jobs don’t do them justice at all.

    Now if only they would make some…CYBERnetic huMANs that were…I dunno…kinda currently bulky, and streamline at the same time. Something that would stand up to variable weather no matter what the SEASON and be three, FOUR, or five times as tough as other robot people. I may have seen them on tv once and spoke of it to a physician secretly…but other than my DOCTOR, WHO would know.

  • grimbergen

    The pdf just appears to be a 1 pager of stats… when I read the “posted a free PDF for their 7TV game titled The Man From 3000” it seems to imply there’s actually a real game to be found.