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Free 1844 Regulation Colours from Grimsby Wargames Society

Grimsby Wargames Society, the Saints of Caffeine-hands, have some more free 1844 Regular Colours files for your historical miniatures buffs.


From the announcement:

The 1844 Regulations colours saw the renaming of both the Kings and second colour.
The former was retitled the Royal colour and the latter finally recieved the offical recognition as the Regimental Colour.
These flags can be used from the period 1844 - 1858,the flags are created onto a A4 size sheet these are as follows - 1st Bengal Fusiliers,5th Northumberland,10th North Lincs,13th Light Somerset and the 19th North York all come as the Regimental and Royal Colours and are free of charge.

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